Walk Live Streaming : The jewish quarter

Subject of the visit

Traces of the history of the Jewish community in Paris go back to Roman times. In the Latin Quarter, an ancient cemetery dating back 2,000 years has been found, and the first synagogue in the Middle Ages was less than 100 meters from Notre Dame Cathedral.

The community settled in several Paris neighborhoods, the most emblematic of which was in the 4th arrondissement in eastern Paris, between the Bastille and the Hotel de Ville.

So let’s take a stroll through the history of the community over the centuries, strolling along rue des rosiers in an atmosphere reminiscent of Jerusalem, but with a French touch, and ending our visit at the Shoah memorial (holocaust).

What to see during the tour

  • Synagogue rue Pavée
  • rue des rosiers
  • the former jewish school
  • the old house from the middle age
  • the former Goldenberg restaurant
  • the as du fallafel
  • the Shoah memorial

Price :

Privat Party tour : 100€

Group tour : 5€ per viewer

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