When I meet foreign friends or when I visit another country, the stereotype of French is often described to me as :

I hope, that after we would have done guided tours together, you will have an other opinion of myself, so who am I ?

I am Parisian, although I come from a family from Britanny (from the Côtes d’Armor). I have been passionate about my city for several years and I love to help people discover it. I have this need to share, perhaps this is the logical continuation of being a father and also a teacher in university. During the first part of my life I travelled the world, I loved it and I was grateful to all those friends who made me discover their country. Today I am making the same thing happen by taking people on a tour of my city. I love history, so you won’t escape a historical contextualization during your visit, I love architecture, so I will introduce you to our monuments and architectural styles, I love art, so let’s find it everywhere it is, in museums, but also in the street, I love our gastronomy and our art of living, so I will make you discover all my good spots. I don’t like to promise what I am not, so if you want a very conventional visit with very formal explanations and a very professorial tone, I can recommend colleagues. What I want is that you have fun and that at the end of the visit I discover a big smile on your face. Pleasure, for sure by learning, but learned in a good mood.

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