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  1. Pamela Roberts Reply

    I can’t figure out how to leave a review on Google Reviews, wherever that resides, but just want to say that Patrick is great–always well-informed, does his research, and is creative, and a pleasure to follow.

  2. Carolyn Sofia Reply

    I took a tour of the Jewish Quarter with Patrick today. He was personable, knowledgeable, and I enjoyed it a lot. Highly recommended!

  3. Nancy Wishmeier Reply

    Today was the American in Paris tour featuring Benjamin Franklin. Patrick did an amazing job researching the history and details for this tour.
    I highly recommend this series, and Patrick continues to create great tours!

  4. Carole Traster Wilk Reply

    NO ONE is better than Patrick. He is incredibly smart, funny, warm, kind and REALLY, REALLY interesting! My husband and I had the inimitable privilege and pleasure of spending a few hours with him in Paris on two different days. I recommend that to anyone! We are so lucky to follow Patrick often on his tours, and can’t wait to see him in Paris again! BRAVO !

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