Walk Live Streaming : The Eiffel Tower by Night

Subject of the visit

When in 1889, for the 100 and of the French revolution, the Eiffel Tower is illuminated, we cannot say that it had the same success as today.

on the one hand it was of course not this lighting system, but above all it was criticized by at least half of Paris.

During this walk we will start from one of the most romantic places in Paris, and we will walk along the river to arrive at the Eiffel Tower.

We will be on only one subject during this visit …. but what subject:) I would also tell you all the secrets of the tower of the gentleman … Eiffel, you are sure it’s Mr. Eiffel …. Let’s talk about:)

Of course, it will be lit and if the weather permits, we will have a beautiful show at the end.

What to see during the tour

  • the bridge Bir Hakeim
  • Statue of Joan of Arc
  • the river bank
  • the seine
  • the Trocadero
  • the Iena bridge
  • the Eiffel tower


1h to 45 minutes

Price :

Privat Party tour : 100€

Group tour : 5€ per viewer

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