Walk Live Streaming : Covered Passages

Subject of the visit

Paris is known for its charming covered passages, which are historic shopping arcades with glass roofs that provide shelter from the weather. These passages were popular in the 19th century and served as early shopping malls. While many of these passages have disappeared over time, some still exist, offering a glimpse into Parisian history and culture.

We are specially going to discovered 2 during our visite

Constructed in 1823, Galerie Vivienne is a beautifully restored passage with a glass roof, mosaic floors, and ornate decorations. It was initially built as a luxurious shopping destination.

Built in 1826, Passage Véro-Dodat is one of the covered passages in Paris, known for its elegant architecture and historical significance. The passage was designed by the architect François-Jacques Delannoy. It is characterized by its neoclassical design with a glass roof, decorative mosaics, and well-preserved architecture.

What to see during the tour (apart of closing for private event):

  • Place des Victoires
  • galerie vivienne
  • the former stock exchange
  • a view from les Halles
  • the national Bank of France
  • galerie Vero Dodat


1h to 45 minutes

Price :

Privat Party tour : 100€

Group tour : 5€ per viewer

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