Virtual live streaming tours


Preserving our planet is a necessity shared by all. Of course we want and need to go there to visit a country. But if we make some of it remotely in this case we make a phenomenal ecological gain

Although we are qualified tourists, we always ask ourselves a lot of questions before a trip. Should I stay in this part of the city? Which restaurants offer this dish that I crave? What time does it close? Is it safe to go there? How do I take this mode of transport?. You also sometimes want to see some of what you visit to help your choices. We will also discover places we never thought of and that your guide will introduce you as hidden gems. A nice way to prepare your trip

In these times of insecurity linked to political, military or health crises, a remote visit is a very safe way to visit a country

Sharing is an essential point in our relationships, shared with our family, friends, colleagues .. A remote tour allows you to gather and share this moment with your loved ones from home.

The price of a virtual tour is much cheaper than a visit to the country and of course you do not have to pay for a flight or hotel night.

We all have the memory of an evening with slide or photographies when we meet after a trip and we share his memories with his loved ones. With your guide, you will not only redo the vista you made, you will introduce it to your loved ones but you will also make them live with you.