The name « Marais » (maresc in medieval Latin) means swamp, because this part of Paris was swampy until the Middle Ages. Then the area was converted into farmland by the construction of irrigation canals and extensive urban projects that changed the Marais forever, when Paris developed in the early 1600s.

The nowdays Marais is one of the most colorful and lively districts of Paris. It is known for its art shops and workshops, creative and elegant boutiques, charming bars and restaurants, LGBT-friendly character and, last but not least, its Jewish community.

During our visit we will focus on the historic Marais from late middle age to Renaissance.

What to see during the tour (apart of closing for private event):

  • the famous Place des Vosges
  • Hotel de Sully
  • Church Saint Paul – saint Louis
  • Hotel de Sens
  • The city wall of 13th century
  • The village Saint Paul
  • Pont Marie
  • Victor Hugo’s House
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